MODSCAPES team member Michele Tenzon will introduce on 11 October 2016, his research work on modernist rural resettlement schemes in Morocco at the Université libre de Bruxelles.

The lecture will inaugurate the 2016-17 “Midis d’Habiter” talks, the series of meetings organised each year by the Habiter research centre.

The presentation abstract:

This lecture focuses on the series of resettlement scheme developed in Morocco during the French Protectorate by the architect and urbanist Michel Écochard after WW2. These schemes entailed the foundation of a complex network of rural and agro-industrial settlements closely bound to railways and irrigation infrastructures in the region of the Gharb Valley.

Some working hypothesis will be presented upon which it is constructed a research project that aims at contributing to the understanding of the process of modernization launched by the colonial government and the cultural and technical background that produced it. Framing these nearly unexplored aspect of the Moroccan colonial experience will also contribute to shed a new light on the history of French and European modernist planning.