On Saturday 9th Septembre 2017, a MODSCAPES team member, Axel Fisher (ULB/FNRS) will participate to Les Éclaireurs (literally: “The Scouts”), a weekly radio show airing on the Belgian national channel “La Prem1ère – RTBF”. Together with the other researchers invited in the studio (Catherine Xhardez, Université Saint-Louis & Marthe Nyssens, Université Catholique de Louvain), he will have an opportunity to explain to a wider public what modernist rural landscapes are and why they matter.

Les Éclaireurs highlight the richness and diversity of research activities conducted in the French-speaking community of Belgium. The presenter, Fabienne Vande Meerssche, opens the floor to Belgian researchers who are invited to explain their research, findings and motivations.

The show will air on the radio’s FM frequency and will be streamed online from 3 to 4PM (CET). Podcasts will be available for free from the following day.

Stay tuned!!!