Pontinia: Workshop with the Municipality & Exhibition of the Students’ Projects – Design Studio at the Politecnico di Milano and TU Berlin, Habitat Unit.

4th of October, ex Water Tower, Pontinia
An outdoor swimming pool, a co-working hub for remote working, a climbing hall, a cycle path, and artist residences in the landscape. These are just some of the proposals developed by architecture students at the Politechnico di Milano and TU Berlin (Habitat Unit) and  in a research-led design studio on Pontinia and its territory, during the 2018 summer semester. In the morning of the 4th of October, MODSCAPES’ team members (Vittoria Capresi, Cristina Pallini and Aleksa Korolija) presented at the municipality of Pontinia the projects of the students. Members of the technical office, as well as the vice-mayor attended the presentation and following discussion about the challenge the city is facing now. During the evening the team of MODSCAPES, together with Aine Ryan (TUB, Habitat Unit), Eda, Amine and Noha (TUB) with the support of the MAP Museo Agro Pontino opened the exhibition of the projects in the wonderful frame of the former water tower. Great success of public, and nice atmosphere. Thank you all the participants!

The design studio began with a 10-day fieldwork workshop “Investighiamo il territorio” in Pontinia, where the students, assisted by a team of local and international experts, travelled by bicycle from the Lepini mountains to the sea along the migliare (streets) around Pontinia, in order to analyse the landscape and understand its potential. The students developed proposals, perhaps visionary, perhaps utopian, but nonetheless reflective of real and present-day potentials in Pontina and its territory. These proposals, and the finalised fieldwork conclusions, will be presented and discussed with members of the Municipality of Pontinia on the afternoon of October 4th, and to the public in an special exhibition at the former Water Tower opening at 6 pm. The design studio was organised and conducted in Berlin by Vittoria Capresi (TUB Habitat Unit / MODSCAPES) and Aine Ryan (TUB Habitat Unit) and in Milan by Cristina Pallini and Aleksa Korolija (Polytechnic of Milan / MODSCAPES); with the support of the MAP – Museo Agro Pontino (Alessandro Cocchieri and Marianna Frattarelli) and in cooperation with the Municipality of Pontinia.

Thanks to the students from the Politecnico di Milano: Nina Romanova, Matteo Bramati, Merve Kavas, Dai Huilan, Wu Yingzhen, Xiao Sha.
Thanks to the Students from the Technical University of Berlin / Habitat Unit: Jacob Albrecht, Charlotte Arens, Sebastian Bidault, Sophia Brandner, Marlene Braun, Paula Bruns, David Dietrich, Noha Elhady, Diya Ghantus, Paulina Hagen, Benjamin Herrmann, Andrej Klußmann, Janek Küttner, Amine Mashhadireza, Edda Meinertz, Marwa Oueghlissi, Eda Özaltay, Petar Rajevic, Sebastian Roth, Anna Sadaei, Mona Schmid, Philipp Sumpf.

Credits: Jamila Campagna
Postcard_presentazione design studio

The projects were also showed at “Arkeda 2018”, which took place from 30th of November to the 2nd of December in the pavilions of “Mostra d’Oltremare” in Napoli – Italy. https://www.arkeda.it/arkeda/ Inside the fair, the stand of the ORDINE ARCHITETTI PPC LATINA exposed the projects realized by the students.