Within the framework of the MODSCAPES project and under the supervision of prof. Cristina Pallini (PI) and Aleksa Korolija 22 students from Politecnico di Milano visited Latina on October 27-28-29  for their graduation project assignment. The students are enrolled in the Architectural Final Studio (Laboratorio Finale B) and will focus on new-towns in Agro Pontino for their thesis project.

During the visit, students had a useful fieldwork in Latina, Pontinia and Sabaudia. During the fieldwork, students had the chance to investigate the modernist rural landscape in Agro Pontino, meet stakeholders and local experts and visit the new-towns built in the 1930s.

On October 28th Latina Municipality organised an open meeting and hosted the event.

PI Cristina Pallini and Aleksa Korolija want to thank the Municipality. In particular :

Emilio Ranieri (Assesore al Decoro, Manutenzioni, Patrimonio e Lavori Pubblici; Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Latina); Franco Castaldo (Assessore all’Urbanistica); Celestina Mattei (President of the Municipality Commission for Urbanism); Attilio Drigo (Director of Latina Urban Centre “ Casa della Città e del Territorio“); Antonio Magaudda and Maria Teresa Accattino (Italia Nostra ONLUS); Massimo Rosolini (Chair of Latina Chamber of Architects; and Marianna Frattarelli from Latina


In the following weeks we will keep you updated and by the end of the semester we will publish the design proposals for Latina.