The Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering ABC (Politecnico di Milano) welcomes applications for 1 Postdocs grant funded by MODSCAPES.

Activities to be perfomed under this grant

The Modscapes project is built on 5 question-driven Work Packages dealing with 13 case studies, three of which covered by the Milan team:

Work Packages (WPs 1 to 4 are conceived to consolidate research-driven and bottom-up knowledge around the topic, while WP5 aims at opening new policy-oriented and design-oriented research directions in the field).

  • WP1: Documenting agricultural development and colonization schemes – What was debated and planned?
  • WP2: Physical legacies – What was realized and what remains? (co-lead POLIMI).
  • WP3: Sociocultural impacts – What was the impact of agricultural development and colonization schemes on the broader cultural context? (Lead POLIMI)
  • WP4: Memories and perceptions – How do people see modernist rural landscapes today?
  • WP5: Changes and challenges – Which are the present and future challenges for agricultural development and colonization schemes?

While supporting the PI in coordination activities, the research associate will mainly deal with Work Packages. This will imply:

  • organisation of material concerning the three case studies covered by the Milan team according to the research protocols defined for each WP
  • collection (from other teams) and organisation of research material included in Work Package 3, concerning all case studies

The successful applicant may be required to travel aboad for fieldwork, dissemination and networking activitities for periods spanning from a few days to two months.

Eligibility criteria:

PhD in Architecture or related disciplines.

Selection criteria:

  • Attested knowledge of English (minimum level B2) and, in particular, for research-related subjects: 10/100
  • MA/PhD thesis on Modscapes-relevant topics: 10/100
  • publications on Modscapes-relevant topics (max 5): 5/100
  • Prior participation in research activities (preferrably Modscapes-relevant): 10/100
  • Interview, aimed at testing the applicant’s research skills as well as his/her command of English language: 65/100

Evaluation committee:

Dr. Cristina Pallini, Prof. Francesca Bonfante, Prof. Nora Lombardini

Application procedures:

Application form for participation (English Version) (48 Kb)

  1. Complete the application form, add current date and sign;
    a) For the required degrees that were awarded in Italy, they may simply be declared in the aforementioned form, which serves as declaration in lieu of deed of certification and/or notarial deed according to artt. 46 & 47 of Italian D.P.R. 445/2000;
  2. attach to the application form:
  3. professional CV, dated and signed;
  4. photocopy of a valide ID document;
  5. declaration in lieu of deed of certification and/or notarial deed concerning additional degrees deemed useful to ascertain the applicant’s suitability to perform the research activities (Annex A to the aforementioned form);
  6. Proof of payment of administration fees (25,82€, see below);
  7. PhD and MA degrees awarded abroad (if any) as requested in the eligibility requirements, in original or copy certified by Italian authority (degrees issued by some countries which have subscribed specific agreements with Italy may not need to be legalized or only need an apostil: contact your local Italian Embassy or Consulate), paired by a certified or legalized translation in Italian or English. For the sake of applying, a simple copy and translation in Italian or English is deemed sufficient, provided the above documents can be provided in case of successful appointment;
  8. Any other degree awarded abroad deemed useful to ascertain the applicant’s suitability, in
  9. Any other degree awarded abroad and deemed useful to meet the selection criteria, in original or photocopy;
  10. MA and/or PhD Thesis, in original or copy certified authentic through declaration in lieu of deed of certification and/or notarial deed (Annex B of aforementioned form);
  11. Up to 5 relevant scientific publications or attested scientific outcomes, in copy or certified authentic through declaration in lieu of deed of certification and/or notarial deed (Annex B or aforementioned form);
  12. Detailed list of all documents attached to the form (2 copies);
  13. Only for applicants from non-EU countries, copy of the residency permit (or receipt of request for a residency permit), wherever they already hold one;
  14. Applicants from non-EU countries not possessing a residency permit (or receipt of request for residency permit) may NOT issue any declarations in lieu of deed of certification and/or notarial deed, and must submit their degrees awarded abroad in original or copy authenticated by an Italian authority.
All applicants must pay, before the submission deadline, with no right for reimbursement whatsoever, an administrative fee or 25,82 Euros to the following bank account:
  • HOLDER: Politecnico di Milano – P.zza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 – 20133 Milano
  • BANK: Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Via Bonardi 4 – 20133 Milano, Agenzia 21
  • IBAN: IT34T0569601620000001600X69
  • PAYMENT DESCRIPTION: “ Assegno di ricerca – Codice Procedura 2017/ASSEGNI_DABC6“.


  • Physical submission in sealed enveloppe marked with “Domanda assegno di ricerca – Codice Procedura 2017/ASSEGNI_DABC6 – scadenza 07/09/2017” to the following office:
    Servizio Posta, Protocollo e Archivio del Politecnico di Milano
    Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 – Milano
    Opening hours: Mo-Fri 9.30-12.30 / 13.30-16.00.
  • Registered letter with signed return receipt, labelled “Domanda assegno di ricerca – Codice Procedura 2017/ASSEGNI_DABC6 – scadenza 07/09/2017”, to (postmarked before deadline):
    Direttore Generale del Politecnico di Milano
    P.zza L. da Vinci, 32 – 20133 Milano
  • By E-mail, from your own certified e-mail address (PEC), to:
    Subject: “Domanda assegno di ricerca – Codice Procedura 2017/ASSEGNI_DABC6 – scadenza 07/09/2017
    All attachments to be sent as PDF or image files, up to a total of 35MB.
Important dates
Deadline for application: 7 September 2017 (23:59, Italian timezone)
Date of interview: 26 September 2017 (for applicants residing more than 600km distance from Milan, a long-distance interview through a VoiceIP connection – Skype- may be performed)
Presume starting of activities: 16 October 2017
Duration: 1 year / 12 months (renewable)
Total (gross) amount of grant (paid in monthly installments): min. 19.367 € (may be exempt from income tax, depending on applicant’s fiscal status)
Grant includes full healthcare costs and social security entitlements;
Costs for travel, international mobility stays, fieldwork, publications, equipment and purchase of research material are budgeted for by the awarded funding for the MODSCAPES project (limited amounts)
Main workplace: Politecnico di Milano – piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 – Milan, Italy.