VITTORIA CAPRESI (Vittoria Capresi)

Dr. Vittoria Capresi has been senior researcher at the Technical University of Berlin, Habitat Unit since October 2016, as a Principal Investigator and team leader of the International European Project MODSCAPES – Modernist Reinventions of the Rural Landscape, a fully granted HERA project (Humanity in the European Research Area)

Vittoria studied architecture at the University in Florence and at the Technical University in Berlin. In 2007 she completed her doctoral dissertation at the Vienna University of Technology “The Architecture of the newly funded Italian rural centers built in Libya, Italian colony, during the Fascist time, 1934-1940”, published in 2010 with the title: The built Utopia. The Italian Rural Centres founded in colonial Libya (1934-1940), Bologna: Bonomia University Press. 

Vittoria Capresi’s research focuses on the histories of fascist architecture and urbanism, both in Italy and in the former colonies.

For the MODSCAPES project she will carry on her research started with her dissertation, relating the physical environment of the town built under Mussolini with the behavior of the original and current inhabitants, to point out on the one hand the changes in the use of the spaces and on the other how the spaces were modified in line with the necessities of the users.

Vittoria Capresi funded in 2011 baladilab, as a spin-off project related to the German University in Cairo, where she taught as associate professor in History of Architecture until 2014. With baladilab she carried on several projects aimed at re-discovering the potential of cities, linking the everyday users with the built heritage.