Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidiis
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The agronomist farms in the plain of Yannitsa and their architectural heritage: their study and enhancement

Professor Emerita Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis along with Panos Adrikopoulos-Tzoumas and Maria Triantafyllidou presented the paper entitled The 'agronomist' farms in the Plain of Yannitsa their Architecture Heritage: their study and enhancement in…
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Exhibition of the Studio: Rural Transformation

On the 30th of August the results of the design studio Rural Transformation were presented to the public in Golzow. During this occasion, the posters produced as a result of the field-research were showed, together with the ideas for new…

Luca Bergamaschi

Scientific Collaborator, Politecnico di Milano. Case Studies: Italy. Focus Area: ...
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Emily Bereskin

Post-doc fellow, ULB. Case studies: Germany. Focus on: heritage and touristification processes, conflict studies

Emanuela Margione

PdD candidate, Politecnico Milano. Case studies: Italy. Focus Area: Architecture, Urban Design
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Aleksa Korolija

Postdoc Fellow, Politecnico Milano. Case studies: Italy, Greece. Focus Area: Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

Rute Figueiredo

Research fellow, CEAA/CESAP (Porto). Case studies: Portugal, Spain. Focus Area: Architecture and urbanism