Axel Fisher (tenured associate professor, part-time) is a scholar, educator and editor, trained as an architect and urban designer at the ISACF-La Cambre (Brussels) and the Politecnico di Milano (2007). His research interests are broadly focused on the mutual relationships between architectural design, urban form, landscape and geography. More specifically, he has researched modernist rural planning and village design ever since his PhD thesis dedicated to Patterns of Rural Settlement & Architecture in the Jewish Colonization of Mandate Era Palestine (2011, Politecnico di Milano, superv. Cristina Pallini). He conducted research at the Technion Institute of Technology (Haïfa, Israel) and at the Université de Liège (Belgium). Since 2011, he lectures landscape theory and landscape design at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta (ULB – Université libre de Bruxelles), in both bachelor and master programs in architecture and in landscape architecture, and supervises PhD dissertations. Axel Fisher is also the director of the FNRS-supported French/English speaking journal CLARA Architecture / Recherche.

Since 2015, he is a postdoctoral researcher fully funded by the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research – FNRS, conducting a project entitled ARA: Architecture et réforme agraire / Architecture and Land Reform.
Within this frame, Prof. Fisher has supported prof. Luisa Moretto in the management and coordination of the MODSCAPES project.

He was also awarded a WBI.World excellency postdoctoral scholarship for a secondment period he will spend at the HABITAT-Unit in Berlin (January-September 2018), joining the HABITAT-Unit in Berlin as a part-time MODSCAPES post-doctoral fellows under the supervision of Dr. Vittoria Capresi