Joaquim Moura Flores. Graduated in architecture (1992 – Barcelos City Hall Rehabilitation Project), concluded in 2000 the Master degree in Architectural and Urban Rehabilitation (Conservation Plans and Historic Centres Rehabilitation in Portugal).

In 2014 obtained the PhD in architecture at the Oxford Brookes University (The investigation of energy efficiency measures in the traditional buildings in Oporto World Heritage Site).

Teacher at ESAP since 2001 is currently lecturing disciplines in the field of Urbanism, and supervises students’ final work at the 5th year of the Integrated Master in Architecture of ESAP.

Professionally, it worked with the architects Manuel Teles and José Pulido Valente. Later, in the Porto City Council worked and coordinated the City’s Architectural Heritage Record. In the Gondomar City Council worked in the Gondomar Polis Office, coordinating the Urban and Environmental Regeneration of Gondomar River Front intervention from 2004 until 2010.

Researcher at the Laboratório de Investigação em Arquitetura – LIA|ESAP and in the Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo – CEAA|ESAP.