Four contributions from MODSCAPES case studies and researchers will be at the International Symposium in Grenoble:

The Idea of Decentralisation and Regional Planning in the 20th Century

November 9th – 10th 2017
School of Architecture, Grenoble (ENSAG), amphi Simounet

Detailed programme of the session:

“Decentralization and Agrarian Reforms”

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH, 2017 // 9.00-12.20

Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, University of Thessaloniki
Colonizing New Lands: Refugee Settlement and Regional Restructuring in Northern Greece (1922-1930)

Paolo Marcolin, Alexandra Trevisan, CEAA, ESAP do Porto
The agrarian and social reform led by the Junta de Colonização Interna during Antonio Oliveira Salazar’s regime. Consequences and legacies

Cristina Pallini, Silvia Boca, ABC, Politecnico di Milano
Corporate planning and agricultural colonization schemes in Fascist Italy

Constance Ringon, LRA, ENSA Toulouse
L’assainissement des marais Pontins sous le régime fasciste, un outil politique de décentralisation

Vittoria Capresi, Habitat Unit, TU Berlin
Rural Towns or little “Metropolises”? The German Democratic Republic’s (GDR) functional and economical plans for the rural areas, the example of the South-Oderbruch (Brandenburg)