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Pontinia: Architetture, Paesaggi, Ricordi

10-15 Ottobre 2017, Teatro Fellini, Pontinia (LT)

MODSCAPES (Cristina Pallini, Silvia Boca, Francesca Bonfante – PoliMi; Vittoria Capresi – TUB; Axel Fisher – ULB) in cooperation with the MAP Museo Agro Pontino (Alessandro Cocchieri, Marianna Frattarelli, Jessica Brighenti)

The workshop took place in Pontinia, one of the five new towns built under Mussolini on the Pontine Plane, south of Rome.
During the five days of the workshop, the team from Milano, Berlin und Bruxelles introduced the MODSCAPES’ project to a broad public of inhabitants and to the local authorities, initiating a dialogue about the landscape.

How does it look like the landscape of Pontinia? Who is making / changing / using it? What is the history behind what we see today? What is the personal attachment to the place?
“Tell us about your city!” was the motto of the workshop, and the aim was to involve the participants in a common reflection about the past of the area including the city and its surroundings, about the challenges of the present and of the future.

Regularly meetings took place during the evening in the Teatro Fellini, on the main square of the city, where the MODSCAPES’ team invited everyone to bring and share their memories and stories.
Several visit and guided tours took place during the five days, giving everyone the possibility to literally get in touch with the landscape of the area.

The workshop is the first of a series, and the beginning of a more solid cooperation with the MAP and the Comune di Pontinia.


10th of October
6 pm: Presentation of the Workshop at the Teatro Fellini. Welcome, introduction of the MODSCAPES project and the Team.
11th of October
10 am: Visit to the local Archives and Institutions: Archivio Casa dell’Architettura, Archivio del Consorzio di Bonifica, Biblioteca di Latina, Archivio di Stato di Latina.
6 pm: Open Talk.
12th of October
10 am: Fieldwork and documentation of the surroundings.
4 pm: Latina, Museo Civico Cambellotti , guided visit by Alessandro Cocchieri to the exhibition “Beau Plan” on the works of Oriolo Frezzotti.
6 pm: Open Talk.
13th of October
10 am: Guided tour to Pontinia.
6 pm: Open Talk.
7 pm: Presentation by Heleni Porfyriou of the book “Borghi rurali e borgate La tradizione del disegno urbano in Italia negli anni Trenta” eds. by Gabriele Corsani and Heleni Porfyriou, Palombi, Rom 2017.
14th of October
10 am: Guided tour at the Idrovore in Mazzocchio and the landscape.
6 pm: Resumée and conclusion of the Workshop. Performance by the Bhangra Brothers, Pontinia.