PALLINI, Cristina – Modern Architecture in the (re)Making of History. Schools and Museums in Greece in Regionalism, Nationalism & Modern Architecture. Proceedings. Edited by Jorge Cunha Pimentel, Alexandra Trevisan and Alexandra Cardoso. Porto: CEAA, 2018, p. 11-23

Abstract: Challenging the long-established idea of the Mediterranean as the cradle of modern architecture, this contribution argues that due consideration should be given to moments of profound change, thereby splitting the Mediterranean into its fragments. We may thus restore to its extraordinary cities the many and varied architectural traditions that were able to nurture and blend: the much-debated mediterraneità (Mediterraneity) turns out to be far less ‘monolithic’ in its expression.

Along this line of thoughts, schools and museums built in Greece from 1923 to the aftermath of WWII may well reveal the role of architecture, when called upon to express the founding values of a collective identity. The dialectic between tradition and innovation, eclecticism and modernism, uncovers its meaning case by case.

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