The MODSCAPES (Polimi) team organized two Local Workshops in the Strymon Valley (Northern Greece), which took place on 7 and 8 March.

On 7 March, Vilma Hastaoglu-Martinidis and Cristina Pallini presented MODSCAPES to students and teachers at the Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Central Macedonia in Serres. On this occasion, professor Lila Theodoriou presented her volume on the reclamation of the Strymon Valley.

On 8 March, the MODSCAPES team moved to Neos-Skopos, holding a Local Workshop at the Orpheus Cultural Center, with the collaboration of Mr. Christos Chamalis (President of the Community of Neos Skopos) and Ms. Christina Grigoropoulou (Deputy President of the Orpheus Cultural Center).

The Local Workshop was attended, amog others, by Stavros Paniopoulos, President of  Γ.Ο.Ε.Β (Γενικό Οργανισμό Εγγείων Βελτιώσεων- General Reclamation Authorithy for the Valley of Serres), Dimitrios Notas, Major of Emmanouil Pappas and Professor Aristotelis Naniopoulous (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AUTh).

Hosted in Neos Skopos, the MODSCAPES team interviewed a number of residents, collecting memories about the past and discussing with experts about future prospects. Special thanks to Mr. Nikos Petropoulos for recalling the visit to Neos Skopos by David Ben Gurion.

A special thanks to all the community of Neos Skopos for their warm hospitality, and particuarly to Maria Lika from Kethis Center for hippotherapy for letting us visit the center.

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