Luca Monica is associate professor in Architectural and Urban Composition (ICAR 14) at the ABC Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, and teaches an Architectural Design Studio at the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering. He also teaches at the Doctorate program in Architectural Composition, Università IUAV, Venezia.

He holds a degree in architecture (Politecnico di Milano, 1993) and a PhD in Architectural Composition (IUAV, Venice, 1991) and is a practicing architect within BMNarchitetti in Parma.

His research interest have been initially focused on the scientific work and legacy of Guido Canella, and on further inquiries on the architectural expression and theoretical body of knowledge established in Italy during the Sixties and the Seventies: the so-called “critica tipologica” of the Milanese and Venetian Schools.

His main publications include: Editor of “Zodiac” (from 1989 to 2001); La critica operativa e l’architettura (2003); Gallaratese Corviale Zen (2008); Il disegno futuro dell’architettura di Guido Canella (2011); Per l’ampliamento dell’Accademia di Brera (2015); Prototipo Dispositivo Tipologia (forthcoming).

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