Einführung in das Projekt Modscapes –
sowie Einzelheiten zur Fallstudie Oderbruch / Golzow

Introduction to the Modscapes project –
as well as details of the case study Oderbruch / Golzow

On September 14th, 2018, Dr.  Emily Bereskin (ULB, TU Berlin) presented the MODSCAPES project as well as her own research on heritage-making in the Southern Oderbruch at the symposium, “Neue Felder Neue Dörfer (New Fields, New Villages).” The entire TU Berlin team, Emily Bereskin, Vittoria Capresi and Christoph Muth, traveled to Gerswalde to take part in a multidisciplinary symposium hosted by Libken E.V. on the meaning and articulation of landscape.

Hosted in a former GDR-era LPG housing block in the Uckermark, the symposium brought together experts from the fields of architecture, art history, planning, history, geology, and biology for four days of discussion, lectures, and excursions.

For the full program, click here.