Sebastian Roth is team member of the TUB’s MODSCAPES team as a tutor.
Born in Hamburg, he graduated at the Technical University Berlin in winter semester 2018/19 with the project “Parameter Block Deluxe”, a proposal for Barcelona with key-topics related to the climatic conditions, the growing density of the city and a new accessibility concept developed according to the block structure of the plan Cerdá.

He is currently enrolled as a student at the Technical University of Berlin where he also works since 2018 as a tutor at the department of Fine Arts, faculty of Architecture.

In summer semester 2018, as part of the design project “The Pontine Plain”, he took part to the excursion to Pontinia organised by the TUB Habitat Unit, and designed an intervention as a reaction to the field research. The focus of the intervention proposed in Pontinia was based on the one hand on offering a perception of different environments, on the other hand on different materials and construction techniques. The main aim was to create new perspectives on the landscapes of that area.