From 25th to 27th May 2017, the transnational research project on Modernist Reinventions of the Rural Landscapes holds its second event at Escola Superior Artística do Porto, convened by Prof. Helena Maia (ESAP/CEAA) and Dr. Axel Fisher (ULB/FNRS). During three days, the five research teams and the partner members did discuss the different layers of the project.

Day 1, began with welcome address and presentation of the meeting’s program and objectives – M. F. Costa e Silva (President of CESAP), Eduarda Neves (Director of ESAP), Helena Maia (ESAP/CEAA) & Axel Fisher (ULB/FNRS). Than, were presented four draft research protocols: WP 1 protocol: Axel Fisher (ULB/FNRS) & Helena Maia (ESAP/CEAA); WP 2 protocol: Simon Bell (EMU) & Cristina Pallini (Politecnico di Milano);  WP 3 protocol: Cristina Pallini (Politecnico di Milano) & Vittoria Capresi (TU-Berlin); WP 4 protocol: Vittoria Capresi (TU-Berlin) & Helena Maia (ESAP/CEAA). After lunch, an internal training session was held on the use of GroupOffice, Social medias (Website, Facebook page and Youtube channel), OMEKA platform and Zotero, supervised by Axel Fisher (ULB/FNRS) and Michele Tenzon (ULB). The day finish with an public Master Seminar: talks and lectures.

Day 2, was mainly dedicated to a Worldcafé on WP draft research protocols, preceded by an explanation about Worldcafé rules & aims by Simon Bell (EMU). Updates from team members research (MODSCAPES General Assembly) and debate on Local Workshops format, based on Vittoria Capresi (TU-Berlin) and Helena Maia (ESAP/CEAA) proposals followed the Worlcafé sessions, whose table hosts also report discussions in plenary. The day ended with Seminar conclusions and objectives of the team for the next months.

On Day 3, a visit to Boalhosa agricultural colony and surrounding landscape landscape of Terras de Coura was carried out. A PI meeting was also held.