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Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Maria Helena Maia, Cristina Pallini - "Modernist Rural Settlements in Southern Europe: Sociocultural Impacts"

2018-06-12: Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Maia, Pallini - "Modernist Rural Settlements in Southern Europe" - Conference paper

The archaeological work in Macedonia and Thrace Conference

2019-03-14: Hastaoglou-Martinidis et al. "The inter-war technical landscape of the Lake of Giannitsa..." - conference paper
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Forthcoming MODSCAPES Local Workshops in Greece !

From 7-9 March two Local Workshops curated by the MODSCAPES Milan team (Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Cristina Pallini, Aleksa Korolija, Silvia Boca) in collaboration with representative of Local Institutions will be held in Serres and Neos-Skopos.…
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Northern Greece. Refugee settlements and reclamation works

Online video of prof. Vilma HASTAOGLOU-MARTINIDIS' presentation of refugee settlements in Northern Greece at the MODSCAPES' kick-off event in Milan