Tingshen Li (Politecnico di Milano)

Issues and Strategies for Conservation of Artificial Water System of Hongcun, China

Since 2012, the China Government has proposed the preservative concept of “Traditional Village” in order to conserve the heritages within the village-scale Historic Center throughout China which are profoundly influenced by the modernization. However, subject to the limitations of awareness, the conservation to the “Traditional Village” only focuses on the historic buildings within the Historic Center, while there is a lack of focus on equally valuable cultural landscapes, open spaces and environments. Hongcun Traditional Village is chosen as the case study of this article, which is with the focus on the conservation of the remarkable artificial water systems. The article aims to discuss the impacts and issues caused by the local conservation policies and practical interventions to Hongcun’s artificial water system in the nearly 20 years, and attempt to propose the provisional methodology approach and treatment solutions for the conservation of Hongcun’s artificial water system, which is mainly based on the European experiences.

Full-text available here: DOI: 10.1051/SHSCONF/20196304001