Asya Ece Uzmay (Kadir Has University)

Landscape and National Imaginary:
The Role of National Parks in the Formations of National Belonging in Turkey

When the National Park idea first enacted from the USA, it was promoted as the ownership of the landscape for the use of the nation while emphasizing the national identity through nature. As a latecomer idea for Turkey, this paper follows an excerpt from the journey of National Parks in Turkey with the focus on 1950 to 1975 in the creation of the national identity through nature. In this paper, I discuss the National Parks as another form of constructing national identity through the transformative power of modernism in the countryside. With the focus on different National Parks from Turkey, I interrogate the place of these so-called pristine and primitive lands in the construction of national identity through different forms. Under the threat of neo-liberal economic policies and the division between nature and human strengthen, now, this delimited piece of nature deserves more attention.

Full-text available here: DOI: 10.1051/SHSCONF/20196312001