MARTTI VELDI (Junior Researcher)

Martti Veldi is a junior researcher in the Modscapes Estonian team. He is responsible for the archival research and everything that has to be done concerning GIS and mapping. As the only native Estonian in the team, Martti also takes part in interviewing local people, and analysing the data collected on the fieldwork.

Martti Veldi obtained his BA (2004) and MA (2009) degrees from the University of Tartu, Estonia. His MA thesis Centres and Communication in South-Eastern Estonia during the Iron Age in the context of Early Modern Era maps explored the opportunities of interpreting Iron Age communication combining 17th century maps and data on archaeological sites.

Research interests: landscape and settlement archaeology, GIS, historical mapping, biographical approach to landscape studies, long-term landscape change.

During 2007–2011 Martti worked as a senior inspector of archaeological monuments in South Estonia for the Estonian National Heritage Board. Since 2015, he has been employed as an advisor of archaeological heritage at the National Heritage Board.

Martti Veldi is currently also a PhD candidate in Archaeological Heritage Management at the University of Leiden.